Hi Everyone, haven’t visited for a while. Just interested to know if anyone has avoided a face to face assessment for this dreaded change from DLA to PIP? Linda x

Yes. I didn’t have to have one.

I think the only way of avoiding one is if you are likely to qualify for the maximum award, plus you submit evidence of everything you say. And make sure you answer every question fully, referring to each piece of evidence that back up your statements.

Joining http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/ is a good start. There is a section on what information and evidence to send with your claim.


Hi Sue, filled in the form with a former CAB adviser who is a friend and is quite well versed on this subject. Also sent supporting up to date documentation from MS Nurse, Pysio therapist, GP, occupational therapist,Social Worker. Only three weeks in so still waiting for the dreaded face to face or a decision. Also a member of Benefits and work website and did their assessment checklist and came out with a high score. I’m secondary progressive and a wheelchair user with a manual stand and turn aid and an electronic stand aid for bed days, also a commode, all these pieces of equipment are clearly in evidence in my home. I have said on the form I need a home visit if I require a face to face as there is no way I can visit an assessment centre. What do you think? Linda x

Hi Linda

It sounds like you’ve ticked all the boxes. All I had was a phone call from someone who wanted to check how much physiotherapy I have (essentially she wanted to give me more points than I’d thought). Apparently there was also a call to my physiotherapist, but as she wasn’t there that day, the assessor said she’d call back. But she didn’t bother. The only thing I did that you may not, is I took some photos of equipment that I use at home then pasted them into a document, but it sounds like you have more equipment than me anyway. So long as you’ve mentioned it all, then I suspect your chances are quite high.

Keep your fingers Xd. I will too. Let us know what the result is.


Hi Linda,

I didn’t have a ‘face-to-face’ assessment either, about 3% don’t need one, and my levels of disability SPMS etc.,. sounds like yours.

I scored 23 for Daily Living, 24 for Mobility - so well over for Enhanced Rate, so no need to see me personally.

Like Sue, I sent a mass of recent supporting evidence including a care/management plan.

I added 7 documents including two signed statements from carers on how they help me with daily living - driving me to the doctors, doing shopping, cooking washing, dressing help etc.,.

So write your own report on you - and they will not have to come and see you.

Type it out and keep a copy on Google docs.

Send photocopies etc., keep originals.

After three weeks ATOS wrote saying were calling my MS Nurse and GP - a week later they wrote to say they had enough info to make a decision based of a desktop assessment- so no face-to-face assessment required.

The whole process took 12 weeks.

Good luck!