PIP assesment tomorrow, sooooooooooo scared!

Hi, hope you are all as well as you can be. I have my PIP assesment tomorrow morning, and i am so frightend! Has anyone got any advice? Do i get dressed, or not? Normally, i don’t get dressed until lunch time, unless I have to get for an appointment. I have heard so many horror stories about how the asserors make wrong assumptions about people and how the report they write is full of lies. What questions will they ask me? will they want to examine me? I really hope they don’t want to examine me in my underwear or watch me go to the toilet, I would be far too uncomfortable doing this in front of strangers. What about my dog? Will they assume that I can walk normally just cos I have a dog? Please help, i am totally freaking out about it, thanks, love Bex xxx

Hi, Rachael had one last year. They just ask how things are, such as going out, doing stuff around house such as cooking, cleaning, going to toilet, showering/bathing, going to shops, working, fatigue, how you feel etc. They may ask you to touch your toes, bend over but no watching you on toilet. If you don’t get dressed because you are too fatigued then don’t get dressed just for them coming to the house. Show them how hard things are for you, be thorough but be honest.

They were here about an hour and a half.

They asked Rachael for her driving licence which was upstairs, she went to get it herself which I have since found out was probably a bad idea as I should have went for it. At that time Rachael was struggling a bit with daily living although now she is doing great. She was refused PIP. Don’t know on what basis although report said she did not struggle enough. Go figure.

Hope it all goes well.

Linda x

good luck!


ok, thanks for your reply, I live in a ground floor flat, although there are 4 steps to my front door. If they ask me how I manage the steps, I will just have to explain that I really struggle. I have a grab rail by the toilet, and a shower stall and steps to my shower. I have a bed rail to help me get in and out of bed. I am hoping this will help. I can’t bend over or touch my toes xxx

My advice is if you don’t normally get dressed then don’t.

Answer questions honestly and simply as you can and don’t do anything you are not comfortable with.

Try not to get too stressed. They are coming into your space, so make sure he/she shows respect for that.

I am sure it will be just fine…a few slow deep breathing exercises may help you relax tomorrow

Good luck xx