Carer Assessment review - last reviewed 2006

Hi all,

Since 2006 a lot of things have changed with hubby and his progression of his PPMS.
Someone mentioned that I should be reassessed as a carer. I really don’t know what I would be asked and what I expect from them. So far apart from 1 hour a week domestic work from them I get nothing else. I guess I wondered how they could help me with continuing to keep my full time job and juggling my caring role.

Has anyone got any suggestions on the carers assessment I woul be very grateful.



I’m sorry I have no idea but from what you are saying, to me it sounds like you need more than you are getting.

Does hubby get DLA?

Hope you get some answers soon.


PS have you posted on the carers forum as I guess they are the experts?


Thanks Pip,

Yes hubby does get DLA it is such a turmoil trying to keep work happy and being with hubby when hospitalised because of infection. I have had the last 5 days unpaid to be with him while unwell.

What a turmoil.


yes also posted on Carers.

Ha Caz They will look at what you need. A care. Help with cookin, cleaning,time for you to take a break, they are quite innovative now, they will look at gym membership, dance classes… Etc. anything in fact the will help you be a person and not just a career. See direct ayment at Ask your worker for a re assessment. Ms changes do quickly it wold be worth being reviewed every 12 month Mike

Hi Mike,

I guess I am not really sure why I am contacting them. I don’t need help like domestic more emotionally and with work issues.

He said it would be a 2 hour meeting and I guess nothing but form filling again.

I must remain positive but I guess I have been here before.



Hi Caz It’s what can be done to make life easier, entrance/egress to property, grab rail, suitability for a wet room(local authority), respite care…etc Mike