DLA Assessment, first time and not sure what to expect

Got my first ever DLA assessment in a couple of weeks, not really sure what to expect any advice, tips etc etc anyone can give will be really appreciated. boo x

Do you mean a doctor is coming to your house?

No, I have to go to an “assessment place” boo x

You can ask for a home visit if your not up to going to assessment centre. Id begin by writing down your worst times, and difficulty caring or moving, and both together and why you may need help with both. That way your geared towards questions which indicate why difficulties and why DLA to cover the extra costs of your disability.

Dont forget any aids youve bought, any help youve paid to come in and any help you need but dont at present get.

Id join the benefits & works site too, gives information on what to expect and what to say in examples.



Boo, There is a website called www.benefitsandwork.co.uk well worth joining for less than £20 per annum you will get so much information here Good luck x

Guys, thanks. Had a look, signed up. To anyone who hasn’t looked, do so, it is worth it’s weight in gold or whatever you measure websites in. boo x