new dla

on the advise of the cab I made a new claim for dla as my condition had worsened, guess what Ive just heard today that again that claim was disallowed, I sent a assessment from social services a letter from psychologist starting Im disabiled, what do they damn well need, Im completly gutted I got a tribunal for dla from early last year on tues I wont hold my breathe

Have you joined the benefitsandwork website? If not, I thoroughly recommend it. It costs about £20 to join in the first year and is worth every penny. It gives loads of inside info and tells how to best complete the form. It also gives loads of info and advice about appeals and tribunals.

I got an email from them yesterday with an offer code for a bit of money off the prescription - I'll pm you with it.

Karen x


Ive just joined hope it helps, how do I post on there

No idea! The thing is to download all the advice / info booklets. Get into the members only sections and the world's your oyster: it's amazing some of the stuff you can find on there. Find yourself a comfy seat and prepare to be reading for a long time...


just printed of some question dla tribunal ask

Hi, what a worrying time for you.

Hope it works out well.

luv Pollx

well I had it wish I hadnt bothered the main issue was negitive gp report, will fins out in a few days as I completly lost it cried all over the place, had all my documents with me good job as they hadnt received anything thing, I had my care assessment hubby care assessment, letters form psychologist etc, but still they put me through the ringer