DLA Medical assessment

Well I had a doctor visit me on Sunday as a medical assessor for my DLA claim, he’s bl@@dy lucky he wasn’t kicked out of my house as he said “is it only MS you suffer with then” with an emphasis on only as though he was discarding all the pain and mobility problems I suffer from. I was not impressed! He also said “well I’ve seen you can walk” what that whole 3 paces from the front door to my sofa. I don’t struggle with that it’s when walking outside that I need guidance and support. Finally, are you able to pick your daughter up, well yes I do because she is two and needs her mummy, there is not really an option on that one, it’s not a case of being able to it’s a case of having to, I’ve nearly dropped her on many occassions, or just dragged myself up the stairs holding her. Grrrrr rant over!

ATOS employed medical “professionals” are employed to make out that we are all faking it. If we can open the door to them and then walk to a seat, they “estimate” that we can walk 200m (and therefore get no mobility award), etc. It is a shameful business most recently outed by a GP who worked for them (briefly!). If you have any trouble, I recommend joining the benefitsandwork website. They have insider guides to the whole process, including appeals and tribunals, and that are well worth the joining fee. Karen x

Hi Rufus, how awful for you… and a very humiliating experience. They try so hard to make it look like we are faking it.

Agree with Karen… if they refuse you or lower your award, please appeal by using guide on ‘Benefits and Work’ website. It’s about £20 for annual membership but worth every penny. Guides are written by lawyers who are benefits experts.

However let’s hope you don’t have to appeal.

Pat x