high rate mobility

just had my dla tribunal disaster, on advice from cab, they decided to ask for high rate mobility, I was asked why I felt I needed the award I explained any walking or movement causing severe pain, I was asked where we d parked, right by the door hubby excorted me in sat me down and then moved the car, asked why I hadnt needed a wheelchair I told them I hadnt been assessed for one yet, they then asked why my face wasnt showing pain, I was in absolute agony and told them so, can we ever win

Hi Lally

I am so sorry you had to endure their endless silly questions.  What planet do these people come from?

Hang in there and take care(((((((hugs)))))))))


How on earth would they know if your face was showing pain? Do they know what you looked like before you were in pain all the time?

******* IDIOTS! (Them, not you!)

Fingers & toes crossed for you.

Karen x


thanks guys, I really did lose it at the end I told them how frightened of this illness Iam the pain is almost to bad to bare, yesterday my daughter had her 1st visit from social services due to her being a young carer, and its the 1st time Ive seen her cry this illness terrifies her, I told them all this, the majority of the cross questioning was on mobility [which Id say is my main problem] very little was said about personnel care[having a care plan and direct payments soon] but the best was the doctor asking me why my gp had given me the wrong meds, how the hell was I supposed to know they were wrong, going to have another good cry now, when will this damn people believe us, wish they could be me for a day

Do these people do their interviews thinking that everyone is a benefit cheat? They must all be really bitter and twisted. I feel sorry for them!

I hope that you get a positive outcome Lally!

Teresa xx

didnt get awarded anything

My ex wife had to go to a similar tribunal for her autistic son. She won, and it all hinged on some very good letters from the doctor and psychologist. From what she told me of the experience, they are unreasonably hostile to people who, really, just want some help. Yes there are cheats out there, but surely there’s a better way of filtering them out than by being just plain mean to everyone on the off chance they might be trying to pull a fast one?!