major wobbler

well it had to come, I had a major breakdown on thurs night, I just couldnt go on any more the pains are unbearable , the clinical phchologist still hasnt written to my gp about the new meds, everypart of my body was hurting, the fatigue is worse than ever, so I lay in bed and cried, it really shocked my hubby, god love him he didnt know what to do, Im still having problems with gp, she has wriiten back to social services to say Im fine, even though Ive been dx with ME and fibro, and she hasnt recommended a wheelchair as I didnt ask for one, and as she seen me walking without my stick[ at the time I was using my shopping trolley as a rollator] my mobility was fine, so here I am completely fed up[ to put it mildly]


Your GP sucks letdownletdownletdown

Can you get a new one and a proper medical assessment in time for the tribunal? And one that will actually use some common sense and get you some pain meds?!

I hope things get better very soon.

Karen x

letter was posted yesterday to change gp, social worker has asked for a nurse practitioner to call so ill see if I cab get something from them to take to dla tribunal, at the moment ive got a letter from phycologist saying ME an assessment from social servicesmon both myself and hubby him being to main carer various appointments to different medic so I hoping that will be enough, I ve written my statement as hubby has as well so here we go, I can only tell them the truth as to how bad this has effected my life