Advice appreciated pls

Hi all,

It,s quite some time since I was around on the forum…long story but hope your are all doing the best possible.

Could I please pick your brains ?

I am getting a community OT assessment soon and would really appreciate any advice about what help I could ask for.

To be honest I am finding nearly everything very difficult these days so hoping for a few things that might make daily life a bit easier.

I am expecting that the OT will suggest a few handrails etc and I really hope for a better bathing/showering suggestion as the bath board is a pain.

Does anyone have something that they feel has made a big difference to the daily grind ?

Expecting there are regional differences in what help is given but I am pretty sure they will suggest a handle of some kind for the bed ( double divan shared with hubby ) maybe a perching stool ( which will probably be a nuisance due to my tiny kitchen )

Also I really can’t walk far at all now so don’t get to the shops with hubby and grandkids so maybe should think about wheelchair.

Any suggestions welcomed, thanks


hi ell

my OT walked me around my house asking where i had problems.

kitchen - standing by the stove caused me a lot of discomfort remedy a perching stool.

  • inability to open jars remedy a small rubber thing to put over the lid to be removed.

so think of where you have difficulties and with what.

i recently purchased a bedrail from amazon which was easy to fit and i use it every day.

a wheelchair would be a godsend.

however i have no idea what type of wheelchair is available.

have a good think of what sort of things would make an improvement to your life.

as you said, bath/shower is definitely one to mention.

hope you get exactly the help that you need

carole x

Wheelchair and gadgets. If you possibly can get to NAIDEX next year

Many many exhibitors and suppliers and you’ll get ideas.

I had the rubber thingy - found it useless - much better was something my mom had. My cousin bought it and I can’t find where from, but there are several different gadget out there. I use nutcrackers for smaller bottles! Electric can opener - wouldn’t manage w.o. it. Grabber for picking things low down or high up.

When I first had my wheelchair it was a god send. Suddenly I could go further and faster than I had in 10 years!!! But go to a proper dealer or wheelchair services and get sorted. Its a very individual thing. Try your local Shopmobility to get a feel of things.