the test!

Thanks for all my replies and mixed messages about my road test today!

Theres greenhouses reference to red lights and PatB`s mention of sirens and general mayhem in Halifax. Oh ye of little faith!

So, how did it go? let me take you through it…it was raining…persistently. I had been told to meet the examiner by the library…now who has tried to park there with a minibus and a ramp to unload a wheelieperson?..nigh on impossible. We went round and round…the new development on Broad St is coming along nicely…never knew that particular shop was there…oh another cafe…McDonalds looks busy…get the picture?

Well the test time was closing in, so hubby parked a street up from the library and went down to look for the man in question…red carnation?..bunch of roses? No.

2 minutes later they both arrived back at our campervan…suppose I couldve put the kettle on and made some bacon sarnies.............nah, wheelie wont reach that far down the van! oh forgot.I can`t stand! justified reason for not being the hostess with the mostest, eh?

Right , so out I got…backwards down the ramp…thinking, got to look competent.don`t let the nerves show.

Well, we went all over Halifax town centre…up and down kerbs…backwards sometimes…how the chuff was I supposed to see the kerb edge under that swamping rain mac the examiner had provided me with? We passed Evans…closing down sale…Peacocks…70% off everything…no, had to keep moving…bummer!

We met a car going the wrong way down a one way street…managed to avoid him…another car on a corner with it`s lights on…what is she doing?..huh…mobile phoning…never saw me at all!

Come on, come on, I can hear you all shouting…Did you pass?


So my new wheelie will be ordered on 1st Feb and be delivered 4-6 weeks after that.

Aren`t I a clever girl…but not a patient one!

luv Pollxx

Well done Poll

I’m so proud of you.

Now once it stops raining get back up to them there shops - eeeeeekkkkk freedom.

Love, Mary

Aye lass, I will!

luv Pollx

Oh gosh, I got completely the wrong end of stick!

I thought that you were road testing the new wheelie, not that you were being tested.

I’d no idea there even was a driving test for wheelies!

Obviously, I’d have wished you luck, if I’d realised it was you being tested, and not the bit of kit.

Anyway, good job you didn’t need my luck, as you have done fine. Congratulations! Must be a big relief.



Hi, our social services/.nhs insist on a test before they will give you one of their wheelies.

luv POllx

In a way, I suppose that’s reassuring, Poll. There have been quite a few reports of accidents with those things, so it’s good that some level of competence has to be demonstrated, before they let you loose with one.

It does make me scared of ever wanting/needing a powered wheelie, though, 'cos I don’t think I’d ever pluck up courage for the test.

Never learnt to drive, for similar reasons. Can’t imagine just taking a scooter and going out with it!

I think you’ve done very well!



Hi again…still not sure I`ve explained what happens clearly enough…if you want a wheelie from SS/NHS, you do have to take a test given by them.not MOT. But should you buy your own, you can go out and do whatever you like ie knock old ladies over, maim small children, or joust with another wheelie occupant!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

Well done you! Down here we have to take the test when we get our new powerchair, no test before they order it. The one I have now is 2 years old and when it came I had to go all around Cheltenham with the examiner (a bloke about 7ft tall, long mac, frightening looking) but I done ok and passed again. He now comes to my home every 2 years and we go out for about 45 mins just to make sure I can still do it!

I think really it would be a good idea when people buy their own for a test to be included as well for them, cos there are some in our town that could do with a bit of instruction first before venturing out on their own.

Do you know what make they are giving you? I have a spectrum plus, its absolutely fantastic. If you lived closer to me, just think we could start our own wheelchair dance troupe (I am laughing just picturing the scene)

Enjoy your freedom Poll and keep wheeling.


Well done poll, while on this subject i was down the town the other day + a man driver was heading right toward me in his wheelie, i was walking on the left with the shops next to me, he was on the right with loads of space to move over, we were staring at each other none of us willing to move, he seemed to be gathering speed, i thought if i dont move out his way he is going to run me over, i decided to move into the doorway + as he past he looked back at me smirking. Well i was the one who got the last laugh as he crashed into a shopi know im evil,

I went to see if he was ok + another person from one of the shops says he tries to run someone over at least once a week.

I know you would never do this, you are far to nice.


Hi Poll, fantastic and well done and not too long to wait until you get it either! Cheryl:)

Hi Poll, fantastic and well done and not too long to wait until you get it either! Cheryl:)

That’s fantastic news Poll, i’m so pleased for you. Well done you.



Yeh Poll Well done you, great going. This will give you fab independence. You must be really proud. Fab work, Teresa xx

Hi, ta for your reply. When out on my scooter, I often have to think for others or I would be running them over!

luv Polllx

Cheers teresa!

luv Pollx

Thanks Char. You ok?

luv Pollx