Tilt n Space wheelchair

My hubby with ppms is now losing trunk control and leans to his right quite badly. The ot has now said he needs a tilt n space wheelchair. Are these wheelchair a help to anyone here who has one?

Hi, yes I have one. It is a Pride fusion. I have it on motablity. My 3 year lease is up in November,so it will be going back.

Aside from the issue of the chair itself, I feel it has cost me dearly at £102 a month and will have cost going on for £4k!

I did think I would be able to keep it after the lease was up, but didnt understand at the time. I will be getting my next one from Wheelchair services, with a full and in depth assessment

The dealer who I got this chair from, didnt have the expertise that proper wheelchair services have.

So back to the chair…

the arm rests are made from a foam material that crumbles with not very hard knocks, when going through tight doorways. I`ve had 3 arms so far and another is ready to go on. Big chunks of foam come away as soon as there is a tiny split.

I wouldnt recommend the chair for that reason.

The seat tilts up, but this causes my spc to be unable to drain fully.

The reclining back hurts my lower back as it doesnt hold me correctly.

So I would say, if your hubby is going to have a different type of chair, to get a full and thorough assessment before accepting the chair


Hi Polly

Thanks for the reply.

Hubbys wheelchairs are always supplied by the wheelchair service and Ot.

it will be a manual one but for the carer to push and not with the big wheel for him to propel as he can nolonger do that safely.

It is interesting to see what you say about the SPC and drainage but he would not be left unattended with his and so would only be reclined if head and trunk starts to lean.

First we have to see if it will fit around our home as I hear it is big and it may not be suitable.

Fingers crossed.


glad to hear the new chair will be from wheelchair services and ot. they know what they`re doing.

is it going to be heavy to push, with hubby in it, if it isnt electric?

You can get attendant pushed electric chairs.


Hi Polls,

The chair we have now I push I also have a powerpack to assist me if I need to put it on for hills.

This was only given to me as I suffer from back and new knee replacement so it makes it easier if I need to attach it.

oh, that`s a surprise to me that wheelchair services give power packs for manual chairs. good news.


Hi All,

I was just wondering whether anyone has a Wheelchair vehicle (WAV) with a tilt in space wheelchair and if they have any issues with height in the back.

My hubby is 6ft 2in and so a large wheelchair with height.


Do you mean when in transit? I think you need to be in an upright position when in a moving vehicle, for stability and safety…unless I`m wrong…


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Thanks Boudica…It came yesterday its an Invacare Azalea. Seems ideal and we have it to try for 2 weeks to see if hubby gets on with it.

ope its a good un!