Quickie powered wheelchair

Hello everybody, could I ask if any of you use a wheelchair that is actually comfortable? Reason is I have a Quickie power chair and wondered if anybody else has one finds it dreadfully uncomfortable? It was supplied by the Wheelchair Service and whilst I am thrilled I can finally go out in the car with my husband, if I sit in it for longer than an hour I cannot move at all as my whole body seizes up and I am in excruciating pain. I feel this cannot be right as I have to use the chair a lot if I have the chance of having any life at all! Any advice gratefully received. Thank you for reading this.


Hi Jackie, Sorry to hear that you are having a terrible time with your power chair. May I ask what model it is?.Mine is a salsa m2, provided for me, like yourself , by local wheelchair services.I had a great physio from that service who provided me with an excellent prescription that I was able to top up to incorporate additional features like motorised leg rests, a flat recline position and a seat riser. It’s really comfortable,unlike my old spectra plus which was a proper clunker!

Have you been back in touch with your wheelchair service and told them that you are unhappy?There maybe some solutions like better pressure relieving cushions,or a better fitting chair, if you weren’t measured for your chair to begin with.If no joy get your ms nurse, neurophysio or your neurologist to prescribe you a new one on the basis of your discomfort. Do a bit of research into chairs you might think will suit you better, talk to some company reps and have them bring the chair of your choice to you for a no obligation demo so you can figure out what works for you.

. Hope this is of some help, Nia.

Hi, anybody else having problems with there care agency and social services? I’m stuck in a rutt, is anyone else & if you’ve got yourself out of it & how? Please tell

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