Anyone had any dealings with Wheelchair Services?

I was referred last week to Wheelchair Services and wondered if anyone had had any dealings with them and can tell me what happens?

I’ve been using an old chair that belonged to my FIL but have learnt from posts on here that the chair should really fit the user. I only use the chair for longer distances or if I need to get somewhere quickly as I can walk ok for about 10 minutes. I was very reluctant to use the chair at first but have now conceded that it does allow me to do things or go places I wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Anyhow, to get back to Wheelchair Services, my MS nurse asked if I wanted an NHS chair or vouchers towards one I pick out so I opted for the vouchers.

Anyone know what the next steps are?

Hi, when your appointment comes through for Wheelchair Services, they`ll assess your needs. If they dont have a wheelchair you like, they may offer vouchers.

As I understand it, if their policy hasnt changed, you can only have vouchers towards a manual chair...not an electric one. A point Ive never understood!

You could be a good while waiting, as they always have long waiting lists.

luv Pollx

Must be different in different parts of the country. We can have vouchers towards an electric chair…but not a manual!

Sarah x

Thanks for the answers both.

Had a call from the hospital today to say that the council where I live don’t fund a chair or vouchers. Now if I lived 1/4 mile further north in the next borough where the hospital is based, different story.

That’s ridiculous!