Wheelchairs on NHS

Please could anyone let me know how you go about getting wheelchairs on the nhs - who, what, etc. I'm sort of inbetween with everthing. Practically getting anywhere of a distance is getting near impossible but I don't need to use one all the time etc - it's to get anywhere!   Many thanks  Helen


I think you can be referred to your local wheelchair services by a few different agencies. Like you, I don't need a chair all of the time but, I do need one when I am out as I am able to walk only a relatively short distance. 

Where possible I will use what is available from 'shop mobilty' which is in most large shops etc.  My GP arranged for me to be provided with an NHS wheelchair for occasional use, so I suppose if you were to explain your situation to your GP that might be the right way to start, and if not the GP would be able to point you in the right direction.

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       Yes, ask your GP - they should get things moving. Also, your GP should get the Occupational Therapist to come and see you incase

there is other ways they could help at home. l have had my wheelchair for many years - and they have come out to replace tyres and service it. lts only very occasionally that l have used it - but at least l know its there if anyone decides to take me out in the car somewhere.

My friends took me to the 'Horse of the Year Show' recently. Taking the wheelchair was easier to put in the car then my little scooter.

Hope you get sorted out with one soon.


As the others have said you need a referral to Wheelchair services from your GP.

In my area powerchairs are only given for outdoor use if you can't walk at all. I have an indoor powerchair (because I can't self propel) and a manual chair for going in the car when my daughter takes me out. Alternatively you can get a voucher to put towards the cost if you want something a bit more snazzy (lighter?) If you use a voucher you will be responsible for maintenance and upkeep yourself.



My MS Nurse referred me to Wheelchair Services earlier in the year and someone came out to see me, see how disabled I was and check the house, measure doorways etc. A couple of months later I was given a manual wheelchair which we use when we go out anywhere, but it's quite heavy and I can't get it in and out of the car, or assemble it, on my own. In our area, you're only eligable for an electric wheelchair if you need to use one permanently indoors - they're not for outdoor use. I can still get around the house by using walls, furniture etc for balance, so I'm currently not eligable. We were called to Wheelchair Services for a chat about upgrading to an electric model, but we all agreed that I don't need one just yet, plus we'd need to make some adjustments to our house ideally first to make it wheelchair friendly. My Occupational Therapist came out about a month ago to assess the house, see if there's anything that they can supply to make my life easier. I mentioned about how we'd need to get a ramp to get a wheelchair over the doorstep, and she said to let her know when we needed one as that's something she can supply. (Where we live, the OT can only supply things OVER £25.00.) She left a catalogue with me so it's given me ideas as to what products are out there, and more importantly, what they're called.


Hi, it was my GP who had to do the referral. unno if physios can do it. Best ask GP, eh? There is usually a long waiting list. Until then why not try Shopmobility? It is a great service.

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Hi, I got mine through my OT. I self referred to he, and she came to my house to see what adaptations etc she could offer me. I did not have much choice in a wheelchair, but was pleased with what I got. It was brought to my house and the man who delivered it went though everything and made sure I was happy with it. Most councils have an OT you can contact, mine was with the social services. Look in the phone book at what your council has. Good luck,

Lynne x