Mobility Scooter/Wheelchair

Morning everyone.

Ive decided time has come to buy a mobility scooter but I havent a clue which one to get. Any recommendations please?

Also does anybody know if we can get wheelchairs on the NHS?

Thanks guys

Hi Stevie I have a gogo which is fairly lightweight and breaks down easy for transporting, even taken on holiday with me. I only really use it if I want to go round the shops as I drive. Have a look at you dont have to pay vat if you have ms :slight_smile: there pretty reasonable I’ve had a few things off them free delivery too. Cant answer you regarding the wheelchair I’m afraid but can’t see why you couldn’t get one from NHS Good luck xx

Hi Stevie

Have a word with your OT, they will refer you to wheelchair

services for a wheelchair. If you don’t already have an OT

ask your gp to refer you to one.

The OT will also be able to advise you on anything in the

home that can help you.

Pam x

Hi Stevie, for the wheelchair, go and see your GP. They can write a prescription for one and you go and pick it up at local shop or OT department. The benefit of getting it on the NHS is they maintain it and replace it if needed (but it is for manual wheelchairs only).

There is a huge choice of scooters. You really need to work out what you want it for… there’s ones that fold quite small so they can go in boot of car, there’s the rugged ‘Tramper’ which you can ride in fields etc, Link

and there’s the small ‘shopper’ type that are sort of in-between the other two.

You also need to think about charging it… so if you get a big one you need to be sure you can get it into your house or flat to charge, or that you have electric socket in garage.

The very big ones have headlights and can be taxed and used on the road.

I’ve got a smallish 4-wheel Paris Shoprider. It fits into my small hall in flat but is a bit big and heavy for boot of car (although I have dismantled it and got it into boot of coach). I live near a big shopping centre so it’s perfect for me.

Also, if you get top-rate Mobility componant for DLA, you can use that payment to lease a scooter from Motorbility.

Whatever you choose, I would suggest not going for a 3-wheeler as they are not very stable.

The Quingo has 5 wheels and can go up and down kerbs (another important consideration) Link

Have a look to see if there is a Motorbility shop or any scooter rental shop in your area. You can hire them by the hour or by the day and it’s useful to try different types before you buy.

I will say that my scooter was the best purchase I’ve ever made. The freedom and independence it gives you is wonderful!

Pat x

Thank you all so much! Loads of info, gonna start researching now. Thanks again xx

My local MS group advised me that they would be able to help me get one when I am ready so try to get in touch with your local and see if they can help.

You can get a wheelchair from NHS. My doctor referred me to wheelchair services. In my area there is a long wait for one, and I had to wait 6 months for an indoor powerchair, and then a further 6 months for an indoor/outdoor powerchair. I have heard of others getting one in a few weeks, so it’s just luck on where you live.