Wheelchair vouchers

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Has anyone on here heard of Wheelchair vouchers where you can get money to put towards a new wheelchair.




I opted for a wheelchair voucher because Wheelchair Services (WCS) couldn’t give me a chair that was suitable - they were all far too heavy.

You need to get a referral to WCS (from your GP, OT or physio) and get assessed. If what they can give you won’t work for you, then they will give you a voucher to spend at an approved supplier. They call it a voucher, but it is more like a prescription form that you have to stick to and then the supplier bills WCS for the amount; you pay any extra. There are two options with the voucher: one is less money, but they own the chair and will do any repairs and maintenance; the other is more money but you own the chair and are responsible for maintenance.

Karen x

Hi, as far as I am aware from recent experience, these vouchers will only be given towards the cost of a manual chair…not electric.

I can`t get a reason why from wheelchair services, why this is so.

I need a narrower than normal electric wheelie as our bungalow has narrow hallways. Weve had the doorways widened...but cant widen the hall!

luv POllx

Thank you I only want a manual one the one I have is a manual one as I don’t want an electric one will look into it thanks again


I got vouchers towards a manual chair.


I used a wheelchair voucher to get mine as I wanted something more lightweight than the ones the NHS provided. You can only buy the wheelchair through an approved supplier, so you can’t use it to get something cheaper off the internet - they’ll provide you the list of approved shops you can use.

I was lucky enough to have my employer (a big evil bank) pay for the rest of the chair, so I’m very lucky as it wasn’t cheap.

Good luck.


yes there is a voucher scheme if none of the NHS ones are not suitable,

I only found about this scheme after I had bought a light one on the internet the nhs one was too heavy and it was too low I was gutted, my husband and son are over 6’ tall so had to get a high one,

Al x