ESA questionaire

Well my ESA questionaire arrive today, what joy !!! The deadline is may 28th. got the phone call from DWP about 10 days ago. I managed to get a supporting letter from my GP, saw him last week, who was very helpful. Said he would support me if i had to appeal. My MS nurse is coming on tuesday to go over the questionaire with me and to add supporting evidense. The DWP say i’m on a" journey" , ghost train more like. Just hoping there aren’t any nasty surprizes !!!


Ooooh God it makes my blood run cold!

What a ridiculous load of cr^p calling it a ‘journey’… ghost train……love it.

Glad to see you have loads of support Tim.

Aren’t they really such a bunch of bas£ards… keep in mind ‘this too will pass’.

Pat x

Thanks Pat, yes , I agree , they are a bunch of bas£ards. Some of the phase’s they use are “1984” Newspeak.


Hi Tim, I replied to you re this on el board.

luv Pollx

Hi tim hope doing well had same problem with ESA,my nurse got me all info from neuro and gp letters lot of effort and they make you feel terrible just asking for help (I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t bloody need) had letter yesterday and appeal held up now on support group don’t give up that’s what they want hope you get good news all best Steve

Hi Steve, congrat’s for getting in support group!

Well done you…

Pat x

Thanks pat Great relief I can tell you hope everyone has same outcome

Hi, awaiting my decision now. Only been a few days since it was posted back.

As Wendles got told by phone that she was in the support group, i am very careful how i answer the phone now. All those annoying cold calls might turn out to be a DWP call.

Good luck with the appeal.

luv Pollx

If you need a medical for them (ESA) get your GP to fax ATOS insisting on a home visit, and they will send a doctor to your door instead of you having to travel to them.

Glad to hear you got into the support group steve