ESA questionaire

Hi everyone,

Well my ESA questionaire arrive today, what joy !!! The deadline is may 28th. got the phone call from DWP about 10 days ago. I managed to get a supporting letter from my GP, saw him last week, who was very helpful. Said he would support me if i had to appeal. My MS nurse is coming on tuesday to go over the questionaire with me and to add supporting evidense. The DWP say i’m on a" journey" , ghost train more like. Just hoping there aren’t any nasty surprizes !!!


Hi Tim, seems there are lots of us going through this torturous journey.

If we hold each others` hands, it wont be as rough a ride, as if we were on our own, I hope.

My form is going back tomorrow.

luv Pollx

Good luck Poll , think i’ll post my off in about 2 weeks. Are you going to send yours recorded delievery?

Holding your hand Tim

Apologies for jumping in, but can I recommend copying everything and definitely send it recorded delivery as the dwp and atos have a history of ‘misplacing’ or ‘not receiving’ things. For a small cost I think it’s worth it for peace of mind…


Hi fellow travellers,

I have returned my form and then was given an appointment for a medical assessment; as this was for 9.0am, I rang to get time altered. When the lady returned, she informed me that my appoinrtment had already been cancelled (strange as I live alone and have no carers). It transpired that good old ATOS had cancelled it themselves (presumably on receipt of my form), having put me in a Support Group’. This conversation was about three weeks ago and I’ve not heard from anyone about being placed in a ‘support group’. Does anyone know what this means?! I am guessing (and hoping) that it means I wont be having to jump through the work placement hoops … does being in a wheelchair (with MS) automatically mean exemption from all that malarkey? Debs

Support group is the one you need to be in, being in a wheelchair doesn’t give Automatic exemption however.

Don’t worry about jumping in Carrie. Thanks for the tip, think i will send mt recorded delievery.

Debs, it sounds like your in the support group, i should think they would confirm that in writing. They probably have a huge backlog which is why they are taking their time. Good luck Debs.


Debs it does sound like your in support group, if you give them a call they can confirm this for you’ I would of thought you would get a letter as they have the amount you will receive, this is what I got two weeks ago.

Not in itself.

However if you score 15 on the “movement” question you get in the support group. To score 15 you need to be able to mobilize (their word not mine) less than 50M.Generally speaking w/chair users will fit in this category. MS does not influence the decision – it’s about what you can/can’t do not the dx