Incapacity Benefit and changing to ESA

Hi there,

I have send in my ESA 50 form to change from incapacity, does anyone know how long it takes to get an anwser?

Hello, Yes I am going through the same sent the form in and about 6 weeks after,they rang me and told me I am in the WRAG group and I will be appealing you have to lodge the appeal within a month!!! Who knows what’s next. Good luck Roberta

they never told me i could appeal. i was told to go for the assessment from incapacity to esa, they put me on esa and said i cant appeal as they were doing away with incapacity benefit so there was nothing to appeal against, i hate the social, they are a bunch of liars

It’s quite true that they are changing from IB to ESA and there’s nothing you can do about that – there is no right of appeal to stay on IB.

However – there are two groups in ESA, the Work Related Activity Group and the Support Group. Roberta has been placed in the WRAG and it is this she is appealing against as she feels that she should have been placed in the support group.


OOps I’ve not chaged my name to Jabe


Thanks for the update, but what is WRAG group?



Hi Roberta,

Sorry I have found out what WRAG means now, sorry about that, I’m stupid at times, MS has made me like that, just can’t think



Hello Diane I have only just found out about the different groups ie the support group and WRAG group,I think it is disgusting we MS people have to go through all this, as if we don’t have enough to contend with. We are not benefit scrounges and as I have worked for all those years paying a stamp I think with MS and any other long term progressive illness we should get the benefit( I would work if I could) Oh well enough of the rant!!! Roberta