ESA update

I received dreaded brown envelope today from DWP. New claim for ESA and I have been placed in support group with out going for face to face assessment. Cant tell you what a relief this is. There is no date for when I will be assessed again. Does this mean I have fell into the new catergory where I will not be assessed again. Thanks

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That’s good news . The DWP are yet to publish what their criteria will be for the new exemptions although it is expected that if you have some form of progressive MS then you will likely fall into this exemption . I too am waiting on more details . Although the criteria may be decided in next few months, system updates etc may mean that it is mid 2017 before it is sorted . I gained this info from the benefits and work website , useful to join , if you haven’t done already.

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So pleased for you Violet. I also went into the ESA Support Group without a face-to-face off.

All the best.

Great news, anyone undergoing re-assessment is left in a state of anxiety and nobody needs the stress, I am waiting for results having returned the dreaded ESA50 form about five weeks ago.

can I suggest you check when your likely to get another as they are only allowed to give a maximum 2years before reassessing again (although times aren’t fixed, it should give you time to prepare for the next one)

Thanks for your replies. I checked with DWP and not due to be reassesed until October 2018.

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