Support group ESA , how often do you have to fill that damn form in?!

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hope you enjoying the milder weather!

how often do you get contacted to fill in that form when in the support group for ESA . I have just gone in and hope I don’t have to go through it all again too soon?

Anon for personal reasons


hi, u have to do it every year :slight_smile:

this feb will b mi 3rd…

its a pain, bigtime :frowning:

People seem to be given different lengths of award (1-3 years is the norm) and other people are not told any length (I wasn’t when I transferred from IB 6 months ago)

You can be reassessed at anytime no matter what your award letter says. It could be after just one year or you could be lucky and go a little longer. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it and no way of predicting.

I intend to copy my first application and just add anything extra that has happened in the meantime. I’m not a novelist looking to write a sequel they can get the original revisited. (With a careful check for any criteria that has changed in the meantime)



that’s a good idea to take a copy. Things only getting slowly worse so I can just add to previous years, ta

I fill in the forms, keep copies before sending off. Once there back in my favour I file away and forget about them. I worry about things in worry order Lol xxx

Hi, your age could make a difference to a yearly or so reclaim.

I am 61 and will be on the state pension when I am 62.5!

When I had the call to say I was put into the support group of ESA, I was told I wont have to make a claim for ESA again, as I`ll be an OAP soon!

Guess there are some pluses to getting older, eh?