ESA - Support group

Hi, I have just received a letter saying that I have been put in the support group, which is really good news but I don’t know how long it lasts. My DLA claim says I will be paid indefinately or until my needs change. Is ESA the same or does it just last a year??

Does anybody know??

Hi, yeh, good news. I also receive DLA indefinitely and am still on the Incapacity Benefit. Think I`ve read here that ESA has to be claimed yearly…hope not!

luv Pollx

The time between reassessments seems to vary without any discernable pattern. I think it is safe to say that filling in the ESA50 will take place much more regularly than reassessments used to happen on IB. 12 months seems to be a good rule of thumb but some people have been done again after only 8 months.

Well done for getting into the support group.


Thanks for that.

I hope I don’t have to apply in 8 months, but I suppose I can just send them the same answers again!!!

The benefits and works website was invaluable, I recommend it to everyone who needs to fill in these horrible forms. I’m so glad that this forum has so many supportive people who have so much information to share.


You must be so relieved!

Ive just received the ESA50 to fill in after 2 years of being in the support group, Hopefully it will go through with no problems. Nothing about me has changed, but I will get help through our local DIAL office to fill it in.

The questions had changed, otherwise I was going to put the same answers from my last one.

Just got to hope for the best now! Lyn x

After my medical in 2010 I appealed and it went to tribunal I won and was placed in the support group, but while waiting was assessed again in 2011 so had to appeal that one too and was again placed in the support group. I was then sent another annual esa50 to complete in Feb and have yet to hear about this one…so I hope this time they have realised I have not got better, they are still paying me so not too worried at the moment

I also have had DLA high mobility and mid care indefinately since 2009…so heres hoping I can be left in peace for a while