Do you need to go through all the form filling and medical stuff every yeat when your in support group?

I wish I could say that being in the support group meant no more form filling but alas I can’t. Your file will come up for review after a spell of time – not yearly thank goodness- and you will have to do the whole tarardiddle again. The gap between reviews seems to vary but will probably be round the 2 to 3 year mark.

The good news is that you were successful last time and there is no reason that you can’t be again.


In a nutshell, yes. I have been through 3 reviews since I started claiming ESA and I am up for review at theend of this year or the beginning of next year. As I have 3 reviews of my ESA claim the last claim was given to me for 2 years. SInce then my symptoms have got worse so I am (hoping) that they will give it to me for 3 years as this is the longest peroid that they can award it for before a review is triggered.


Cheers for the replys, Only asking as I’ve just received a new ESA50 to fill in after being on it for a year. suppose I might as well fill it in and see what happens.

I was put in the support group after a grand battle last September I got an apology from Atos stating they had mishandled my case and they also stated that reassessment would be unrealistic, July this year brought a heavy thud on the doormat you guessed it another Esa50, phoned Dwp and was told “we can reassess at any time”