Hi all,

Does anyone know if you get sent an ESA50 every year ? I was placed in the wrag group when changed from Incapacity to ESA. About 10 months before the end of ESA (due to time limit) I was sent an ESA50 again, and was put into wrag group again which will stop at 365 day time limit. Will I get an ESA50 every year to be reassessed year on year, Or does The ESA stop.

Thanks to all

this im not sure of, i got transfered from ib to esa, 12 months later it stopped, so i had to fill out a form to apply for income based esa, im out of the 13 wk assessment phase now so im not really sure if they will keep sending forms, they change the rules as n wen they want to, so i cant honestly say no they wont coz im not sure

Hi, I was transferred from Incapacity Benefit to ESA support group in 2011 and was told that, unless I informed them that there was a change in circumstances, my case would not be reviewed until 2014.

You’ll have to keep reapplying every year unless you’re put into the Support Group, but even then they can reassess you at any time :frowning: Karen x