ESA 50 .......Again???

I must say I was not happy to recieve another ESA50 this morning…I think this is the 5th since sept 2009.

I appealed in may 2010 finally went to tribunal in june 2011 and was placed in the support group, but being stupid had not realised I had been reassessed in the previous feb so I was back in the wrag before I knew it. I made a late appeal last sept and placed in the support group again.

I thought they were meant to leave you alone for a while? then again I suppose it is a year since the last form even though I have only been officially in the support group about four or five months.

Now shall I ring them and ask them what this is all about, or just get OH to fill the thing in again and hope for the best?


My son got an ESA50 some 10 months after his medical assessment saying he may need another medical assessment. Then we got a call to the jobcentre. Once there, he realised my son had some disability and told him he would see him in probably a years time and changed the details on his computer.

If I were you I would ring up the ESA, tell them what procedures youve been through and that nothing has changed and your not likely to be jumping through any hoops in the near future so why ESA50 again when it was proved you were unable to work and placed in the support group. Also ask them why they keep bothering you, I would.

Best wishes, do let us know what happens,



Thanks Bren

I think I will ring them monday.

I had a year of worry before going to tribunal which only took minutes for the outcome then another appeal. If I don’t get called for a medical this time are they still going to think cannot walk any further than 5 mtrs with a rollator means can run a marathon on a good day? lol

Not that I have any good days as a person with ppms

oh well