ESA help please

I am in the support group and 12 months up in January when I was told initially it will be due for review. My question is change of circumstances which have got worse not better hence having more tests and seeing more specialists, should I be keeping dwp aware of this or should I leave sleeping dogs lye and inform them on the Esa50 ? Or would it help when it comes to review ie extend without Esa50.

Thanks for helping me.



I know they ask you to inform them of changes but informing the DWP of changing circumstances has only one purpose - to change the level of your benefit.

As your health has deteriorated you obviously are not in the position of having your benefit reduced but as you are in the support group there is no opportunity for improvement. There is nothing to be gained therefore in letting them know. In fact there really isn’t a mechanism for you to do so, it would just cause confusion. I do not think you can extend the date that you would be reviewed but I may be wrong (I’ve never heard of anyone doing it) the dates for review seem to be based on a number of factors and I’m not sure that the severity of your condition is the over riding one.

Save up all your data for the next time that you fill in the lovely ESA50


Thanks for feedback, I will save everything until Jan.