Anyone receiving life long ESA award?

Hi, I sent my ESA50 reassessment form off 12 weeks ago, called this morning for update. Report was done in November and Im staying in support group. 36month award. Although happy I dont need to go for f2f, i was under impression certain confitions qaulify under new rules, that stops you from being assessed in future. I meet all the criteria for the new rule, should I challenge or just be gratefull for what I been awarded. This was my 2nd ESA50 form, first one was 2 years this one is 3 years and never been called for f2f. They sending me copy of DM’s report. So just curious is anyone been given life time award.

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Hello Violet,

the trouble with claiming any benefits is its now a proof based system, which is why folk send in medical evidence that will support their claim. So yeah if you’re medical evidence backs up you’re claim you meet the criteria required, then you should not require further reassessment. However as the reasons why you’ve not been placed into the severe disabilities group will be included in the DWPs report you’ve already requested, you can decide whether to make a challenge after you’ve read the report. If you do want to challenge the 3 year award I think you might need some help from a benefits adviser.

even on Youreable forum I’ve not seen anyone who’s been given a lifetime award, I think because it only came into effect in September it’s all too new.

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I filled in my first and last ESA form in 2011. I was put in the support group without a f2f. I asked for all the information to see how they’d reached their decision and the phrase “no improvement expected in the longer term” was written over the form.

I have PPMS and so no improvement will happen. However, I expected to get another form to fill in at some stage but so far it hasn’t happened!


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Thanks for reply. My first assessment had same phrase " no improvement expected in longer term" that was 2016, that was also without f2f, but was only given 2 year award. My gp has also written that on my supporting letter, so be interested to see what this report says, with it only beeing 3 year award. Suppose i should just be grateful i not been called for f2f.

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i doubt it, simply because they are trying to phase out ESA and slowly migrate everyone to Universal Credit. Thankfully we ain’t there yet, but it seems to be postcode lottery.

Call me a sceptic, but in two years they hope either “its a miracle!!” or you may go away and quietly die…

My partner just had a PIP review form - came on xmas eve (nice of them, eh?) Having gone all the way to tribunal and having a complex medical history, we have to sit down and say, no he hasn’t grown a new pair of kidneys.

I would say, at this present moment in time, that’s not quite correct. Yes, the DWP are (trying to) slowly migrate everyone on any means tested benefit onto Universal Credit, which includes income related ESA. But it doesn’t include contributions based ESA.

From September 2017, they also started to scrap reassessments of ESA for people with the most severe conditions who are never likely to work again. The basic details are listed here: Guidance on Work Capability Assessment reassessment published | Disability Rights UK

And the detail here:

It amounts to lifetime awards.

Obviously, it being the DWP, this doesn’t mean they won’t change their minds again. After all, many of us had supposed ‘lifetime’ awards of DLA!!!


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