ESA support group

Hi all,

Hope you are as well as can be expected in this awful heat.

I received the award letter for IB to ESA this morning. I have been put in the support group for 3 months. Two questions: why no medical? also, why 3 months? should i assume from that i will have to complete another form in three months, and have a medical?

Many thanks


congrats at getting in support group, but as to why onle for 3 monthes i dont know, ring them up and ask them to expain their reasoning behind this.

hope you get some answers Barbara.xx

I was put into the support group without a medical too – yeah!

As for the three months. I have no idea. My lettter had no times on it.


thanks for taking the time to respond.

I will ring up and ask about the three months. I would read your letter again, as it is hidden within the text, not intentionally i dont think, just not a well constricted letter.


[quote=“Spud”] I am also in the support group but my letter says until November. I have no idea why. I posted on this forum about it but didn’t get any responses. I decided to wait until November to find out. I will be interested to know what that say if you ring them. Pat [/quote] Hi Pat, just wanted to say that I did reply to that post - although admittedly probably wasn’t that much help… (if I remember correctly it disappeared into the queue for mods so took a while to show on the forum so you may easily have missed it…) Carrie


Thanks to everyone who responded to my post.

Just to let you know, i decided to ring them up, I was told it is a gliche in the system, it wont be reassessed in nov…not sure when it will be though, he just said it will carry on until the next review is due. Just grateful i wont have to face another form …just yet.

Hope that helps anyone in the same situation as me.

Take care, keep well, keep cool…if thats possible!!


Hi, glad you sorted it out…it did sound crazy…as if there`d be some miracle cure in 3 months!

I got a phonecall, followed by a letter, to say i`d been put in the support group too.

But I was also told i wont ever have to apply again for ESA…reason?..

I`ll be 62 in 2014 and on my OAP!

There`s some good in getting older, eh?

luv Pollx