Support Group - no medical, no medical evidence

Filled in the ESA 50 to transfer from IB. Sent it off about 6 weeks ago with NO medical evidence. (I know people say to get loads but I didn’t have any so I sent none)

Got a phone call today to say that I am in the support group and no medical.

Used Benefits and Work and sent 8 additional sheets because the boxes on the form were too small.

I’m very relived.


It’s a great feeling Jane, like you I also got put in support group, it took 4 weeks for mine from sending in and like yourself no medical. Its nice to hear some good news isn’t it, Did they say how long your award is?

Well done Jane!!!

I haven’t had my ‘call up’ form yet… but hopefully mine will be as easy!

Pat x

Not sure, maybe different areas, hopefully you will hear back soon.

That is great news. I am so pleased when I read things like this. Maybe ATOS are learning at last.


good news, what a relief x