I made the support group?!

Hi everyone,

I’m a bit bemused to say the least. I aplied for esa as that was going thru i got the atos medical questionaire/ essay test. That was fun, but anyway i filled it in (going by my worst day, advice from here thankyou all) 6 months later i get the letters saying i’m being put in the support group. What is a bit off is that i didn’t get a medical. Is that normal?

I’m just waiting for attos to kick the door in to do a much unwanted medical on me.

My question is realy… is this normal to get in the support group so easy? I was expecting a long and daunting fight!



H Darren

Perhaps Atos attitudes are changing - there’s been so much bad publcity about their practices that they may have filtered through to them. As you’ve already been allocated to the support group I don’t see any reason why you’d need a medcal. The question of whether your case has been easy is more difficult to assess as you seem to have filled out the forms eaisly however for some people this might have been more dauntng and hence caused them more stress.

I’m pleased for you.

BW, Mary

Darren I was put inthe WRAG and then transferred to support and I didn’t have a medical either?? I don’t understand why as some have and some haven’t, do you think people are just picked out randomly?

hi darren, dont worry, my mum had to fill in the form and they put her in the support group without a medical which im so greatfull for, soi wouldnt worry about it now.

Hi Darren, dont fret about it, just be happy you got put in the right group fairly easily.

It might be a bit of a post code lottery, as to who has a medical and who doesn`t.

I had a call from an upset friend today. Like me, she has spastic paraparesis and her`s has been proved to be hereditary. She walks using 2 sticks and has terrible spasms and fatigue.

As she is only 49, she is worried they may send her to work, which she is too poorly to do.

Infact, on Wed this week, she ventured out in heavy snow, to see her GP to ask for documentation to support her claim. She fell…was sitting in the middle of a road and passers by helped her up and took her home.

She says she hasnt slept since she got the claim form. Like me, she has been in Incap for years and is being transferred to ESA. I feel glad to be 60!

It is inhumane the way some of us are put through the wringer to get what is rightfully our`s, eh?

I`m so glad you got your claim sorted.

luv Pollx

hi there.

when i filled in the esa essay they sent out, they went and lost it, so i had to do it all again and explain why i was late in sending it!!!?

anyways, i got a response and was told id been put in the work suport group. so, i appealed thier desision, with a letter explaining how my day to day life is, my dificulties ect. i won the appeal and am now waitin to have to do another esa form. its not hapend yet! i have had my council tax benefit took down, so now ill have to find 5.5% of the tax due. plus most of my dla goes on rent at the mo.

i live in a house, and have ben tryin to get a council bungelow as im havin trouble with the stairs , bathrom, the kitchen( v small and not a good place to have to cook!! im having no luck and have e-mailed my local ms group to see if they can help. am waiting on them to get back to me.

u did good not having to mess about with apeals hun x x x

Hi all,

Thanks for the replies,

Its just you hear all the horror storys, people being put thru hell by atos and dwp. The waiting time from filling in the form to being told which group you are is far to long, we all have our own daily battles, hence why we are claiming! Which they don’t seem to understand. Maybe they are taking ms seriously now?

To Pat:

I didn’t lie or exagerate, just made sure they were aware of me using a catheter, my bowel issues and the fatigue. I still exercise in the hope it eill help with fatigue, but hasn’t yet. I got copys of all neuro/ ms nurse letters and my medical history thru gp (i had measles on my first birthday, which i had no idea about). Everything ready for the fight which thankfully i don,t need.



Hi Darren, I’m not on ESA so maybe shouldn’t comment. First of all I’d say, don’t worry, you filled in the forms honestly, you were assessed, this is the outcome so well done. I’ve only ever applied for dla (1996) with a review about three years ago. I also found it extraordinarily easy, a dr did assess me at home (1996) but I got middle rate care, which I wasn’t expecting and high rate mobility which was all I had hoped to get. Also despite what everyone says I didn’t send supporting evidence either time, I did n’t elaborate with long answers either time, that’s not my style with this type of thing. When I filled in the review three years ago I just filled in the form in an afternoon while I dealt with my two children. So you found ESA easy, I found dla easy but others don’t, so do they just pick on people on random, I don’t know! Well done anyway. Cheryl:-)

Well.done Darren that’s the result we would all want, I’m glad it went straightforward for you. Im waiting on my form having had the phone call last week, I too like pat am transferring from being on incapacity for the last 15 years.