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well after months and months of being messed around by atos and a failed assessment, i got the dreaded letter from the dwp with there decision, i was really scared after what atos did, so i opened the letter and thats it i burst out crying with total shock, they decided from all the info i sent them that im no longer fit for work so they have put me in the support group esa from the wrag group, i sent them every piece of info and proof i could get my hands on even down to appointment slips and every name address and phone number of every dr, specialists, ot, ms nurse psychiatrist n everyone that id seen, so much stress has now been lifted, im getting excited because i can now finally buy things like extra electric, clothes, personal things aswell, its just such a shame that we have to keep proving ourselves over n over again just to get them to believe us

CONGRATULATIONS!! I know exactly how you feel…went through the same experience.

The relief is indescribable.

Enjoy the feeling, Noreen

it is noreen, i called mum and was crying and all i could say was im in the support group till she asked me to read the letter to make sure, ive got to call them tomoro to see how long im in the support group for, i keep thinking they made a mistake and will tell me so tomoro, but after everything i went through and sent i dont see how it could be a mistake, i just cant believe it, i told mum im getting the letter framed lol

Did they say in the letter to ring them? it didn’t in mine…just they will contact me when next assessment due.

My understanding is they leave you alone for at least two years.

it doesnt say anythin about calling them or for how long im in the support group for? at the bottom of the letter it says the worked out the rates for the support group and it says ill get those rates from the 19th of nov untill the 25th of nov, does that mean ill get some money tomoro? or does it mean thats the rate ill get till tomoro then it’ll go lower or change?

im not due a esa payment till the 2nd of dec

I’ve just sent you a private message

Oh luv! What a great relief for you!

I am so pleased you can relax now.

luv Pollx

Woo hoo! so pleased for you

Sara x