Moved from support group to wrag ! I must be on the mend !!!!!

Another ESA gem !

I was put into the support group last year after an Atos medical (had to challenge the first decision of wrag even though the doctor said I was not fit for work but did not need to go to tribunal luckily) Had a new med form to fill in back in Feb,duly filled in as same as previous form explaining that my symptoms and mobility have worsened blah blah blah. Had a call on Tues saying I had passed medical no need for another Atos med we wont need to speak to/hear from you for 2 years. Result thinks I, one less stress for a couple of years.

This morning a letter from the jobcentre saying that due to a change in my circumctances I have been moved into the work related group !!!!! INCREDIBLE

Phoned up the jobcentre to express my bewilderment at such a decision and Im now waiting for a call back from the dm to explain the decision,should be interesting.

Has this happened to anyone else ?



I imagine that they are using the same system as other red tape offices. One hand doesn't know what the other is doing. eg, the job centre is two steps behind, so the info', as far as they know, is that of the first decision not the second. 

If reading this is confusing, my point is made I think. 

I've been messing about with DLA since it was stopped last Aug. Now I've lost my job and need to apply for ESA. Also I'm on sick since Dec. 

I find there's no point worrying cos we can't rush idiots.

I hope you get what you require, Regards Andy