good news (not ms)


as some of u are aware my life has been filled with extra challenges recently but today brings some good news! my son has passed his driving test first time with no faults at all! am so proud of him hes driven himself up to school to finish the day-that just sounds weird!

ellie x

Woo hoo !! Well done son of Ellie !! Xx

It’s such a proud moment isn’t it & great that they can now taxi us around :slight_smile: xx

Hi Ellie,

Congratulation to your son. Once my daughters passed their tests they would often do bits of shopping for me which was

a huge help. Just a shame that petrol is so expensive now.

Safe driving,

Jen xx

Congrats to your lad. Does this mean lifts for you?

luv Pollx

thanks all…

poll-evenings only cos hes in 6th year at school until june. and i am exhausted by then! but yes-will be easier now i hope cos he can help with younger 2

ellie x

Well done. You have made your mum really proud. Love these nice parts of family life. Thats what keeps us going Ellie.


Great news Ellie - well done to your son! Teresa xx