Good news....for a change !!

Letter from DVLA this morning. My current licence is withdrawn …but…to be replaced by a new three year licence !! Wey hey !! Phew…what a bloomin relief. Xx

Good news.

Is the car snowed in though where you are?


Oh gosh, yes, Pip. I have a four wheel drive which would copy fine but I’m not driving at the moment anyway as it would be dangerous given the extreme dizziness which has not gone away since August !! Hubby has a landrover discovery, which is a huge beast of a 4WD and even that was struggling yesterday.

My instant reply to your man with a huge beast I fear would be moderated !!!


Class reply…I laughed so loud my hubby jumped. He says, to say, that whilst I was referring to the car, there are certain similarities !! And then walked away with a school boy grin on his face !!

You have to love em don’t you.