DVLA decision

I recieved my letter from DVLA on Friday about my licence and have been restricted to a 3 year licence.  After reading other posts on here, i wasn't really expecting anything different, but it still hit me hard.  It's just another reminder of the fact that I have MS and how it affects everyones every day lives.  It really does suck!  As my husband says, it could have been worse and at least I have my licence.

And it also has to be a new photo card licence which I've never really wanted so have to go and get a photo taken, has to be back with them by 26 Dec or licence will be cancelled so will have to get a move on with the christmas post coming!

One of the many joys of MS I guess!


It's not just one of the joys of MS - it's one of the joys of Epilepsy, diabetes and a whole host of other medical conditions.

I was diagnosed with epilepsy first so I was just happy to get my license back as you are medically untfit to drive for a year after any type of seizure.

Ashley, I feel for you.  I took my advanced driving test on my 40 th birthday as it was something Id promised myself when younger.  Got loads of categories on my license then zap, all taken away and 3 year license like you.  Driving has always been my freedom, my love, my life and Ive always wanted to drive an articulated lorry sometime in the future.  Oh well, at least the car is still in the driveway and I can still get from a to b in it.    I learnt to drive in a tractor at the age of 13 - couldnt get it out of my blood.  Hits hard but what can we do.


Sadly time moves on and we must with it, even if it is with the added disease of ms.