Driving License.

I have recently been diagnosed with Ms and drive.

My Dr has said l am okay to drive and my consultant too.

The DVLA have written back to me to say l have to have a medical driving license renewed every three years.

Is this the Norm please?

Yes, it’s the norm. It’s been that way for more than ten years. The severity of the condition has nothing to do with it. I suppose they’re erring on the side of caution.

Oh Thank you so much for reply.

I wasn’t sure how it worked.

I`m not sure but I think you have to let your car insurance company know as well.

I don`t think it will affect the cost but they might play silly beggars when it comes to crunch time and do all they can to avoid payment to you.

Fraid so keels … still cross about mine as it means I can’t drive horse box … I’ve still got a few weeks left to appeal , seeing my neurologist Monday and going to talk to him… I am tempted to appeal … I did question it and they told me … wait for it … ms is a progressive disease … I did resist the temptation to respond "no S… Sherlock " however my beef is that I am less of a risk than someone who has had a heart attack … or are diabetic… so why am I penalised …

you do have to inform your insurance too … mine were great … my husbands not do …

Hello, I am on 3 year licenses too. We told our insurers, as you have too. I only have a licence for an automatic with hand controls, which is fine as I really love my car. She is a Fiesta. I called her DB and her MOT is due on Monday! I changed over from a normal manual to the adapted automatic when my feet started to go so numb I could not work out where they were in relation to the foot pedals, missed the brake and nearly caused an awful accident. That was the time to give up on a normal car.

If the Dr and Consultant are ok, then you are good to go!

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Yes Keels it’s only a 3 year licence which I hate as if they’re saying I’m ill or something- don’t think I’ve moved on from the denial stage!

Anyway this year got my 3 year licence renewed with a letter saying next time it’s up I can sign a form saying I’m ok nothings happened and it will be renewed that way on my say so without a doctors involvement.

don’t know if it’s same for everyone

keep strong

Min xx


i had to renew my three year licence just a couple of months ago I was worried I wasn’t going my licence back as I would be lost without my car.But to my surprise I got it back for 5 years this time I believe it is because my ms hasn’t changed since 2008.

so try not to worry.


Good info thanks xx

Thank you so much reply. I have told insurance company already. Luckily my premiums haven’t gone up.

Thank you for your help. Wishing you lots of luck with your appeal. I think DVLA are being very harsh. It annoys me so much re Ms when people are not treated as individuals. I hope you manage to get it sorted.

Thank you for your help. Lots of people have mentioned swapping to an automatic to me. Good luck with your Mot on Monday.

Thank you for your reply. I wasn’t sure if 3 year license the norm. Re denial stage l am just annoyed about diagnosis at moment as taken six years to get a diagnosis

That’s good to know Thank you for your help

Just so you know people with diabetes on insulin have restricted licences as well and are at no greater risk as long as their condition is controlled/managed properly.

We can also drive an HGV but do have to have a strict medical every year to pass and the person wanting the licence has to pay for the medical and GP report.

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Yes 3 years is the norm, you should never have to pay more on insurance because you have MS.

No certainly not. I should pay less as I hold an advanced driving certificate.

It’s the paying that annoys me … at least I can still tow but ironically I find that harder than the lorry !

I didn’t realise re diabetic as my friend is and hasn’t been restricted and they drive heavy farm machinery … hrs had a hypo when driving too …

I had a tractor and track layer removed also no driving for reward but renewal in 4 years time at 70 years old can still tow trailer .