Advice please

Hello, a bit of an introduction. I was diagnosed in 2013 with SPMS although I had a possible occurrence in 1994 or so I am told, nothing more until about 2007 when I thought it was back problems - obviously not! Anyway all in all not bad except for wonky legs and fatigue, not on any DMD’s but do keep Holland and Barrett in business. I suffer with uti’s and have had twelve since January 2016 and last year was put on a prophylactic (sorry if that’s spelt wrong) antibiotic and all was quiet on the western front until January of this year. Lots of rubbish happening around that time but managed all of that but found that three of the used antibiotics stopped working. The last event was a water infection, five days of amoxicillin, then another seven days straight away that didn’t work either and was put on cephalexin for five days and then as a prophylactic. Sorry this is rambling a bit but we are there now! I am sure that since I have been on these (four weeks) my legs are getting much worse. Even my OH has noticed, he couldn’t really not as it happens. I am much slower, legs feel weak and they just don’t want to move, I am walking more like a wonky donkey than ever before. I know MS can progress but I have been really quite consistent over the years. Does anyone know if cephalexin can do this or had any experience of antibiotics playing their legs up. Much more of it and I will have to get some zip wires around the place

Hello Flower Bee.

I’m sorry to hear about your condition. It’s hard to take mobility issues. But it’s not the end. Whether you use zip wires or anything else, we can always get about. After decades of the condition, I’m still independent.

I can’t give you any advice on the medication however. After such a long time with various treatments, I’ve found very little makes a big enough difference. But we are all different.

Hope you get answers.


Thank you for your reply Steve. I have looked up the side effects of this antibiotic and some of the rarer ones could apply and be making matters worse, speaking to someone tomorrow to see if I can get them changed. They reckon a change is as good as a rest, will hang fire on the zip wires for now! Lovely day here, hope it is where you are.