Progressive ,,legs so weak


i care for my wife,we live outside the UK and basically get on with it

but her legs have lost there strength this month ,can’t help me with lifting her as she usually can

doctors here aren’t interested in ms and have little knowledge

so if your a progressive ms what steroids do they give you? What is the name of the steroid

we buy our tablets over the counter in the chemists

so it may sound odd to you that see a neuro every so often but we treat the problems as they arrive

so if anyone can help please do

both in our 60’s now and the lifting is getting harder so anyone in similar stage might help



I have taken methylprednisolone which has helped strength while in my system … though I think you’ll see from posts on this forum that they don’t work for everyone. These weren’t offered by my neuro but I asked to try them…seen some research that they might help progressive…and glad I did.

Hope this helps

Thanks very much. My wife’s legs hare so weak at the moment

I will try them. Thanks


How is your wife’s health generally at the moment? Is there any chance she has an infection - urinary tract infections are particularly common and any infection can very quickly knock us down and cause many symptoms including weakness. I’m not suggesting that this is definitely the case but the sudden decline could have another cause. Often we write all our symptoms down to ms progression and this can be detrimental.


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Hi Cath

no it’s not a uti ,I have treated her for them before

she has lost all her strength legs arms hands

tomorrow we start the premisolon

just hope that kick starts her

one thing my wife does use to excess is an electric blanket as like most ms people being

cold is a problem She almost slow cooks herself ,this is a problem I think

thanks Chris


I have now started my second course of steroids and they’re working well. I appreciate everyone will react differently but note you mention your wife’s thermometer …I find the hot/cold switch is triggered more so. Personally although really cold I layer up on lightweight fleece blankets and can over a night go from 3, 2, 1 and 0 and back again in the space of a few hours but overall too much heat makes my symptoms much worse.

Hope your wife gets a much needed boost from the steroids …