Hot weather/bowels!

Quick question. The last two bowel movements I have had have been very very soft which for me is very unusual. They are usually very hard if anything. This coupled with urgency is not pleasant. I’m hoping this is not long term. I don’t feel ill and have no pain, was thinking it could be something to do with the very hot weather. Has anyone else experienced anything similar. Thanks for any thoughts on this matter now back to my fan and bottle of cold water!

I know what you mean! I’ve noticed something similar. Think it shows you are drinking plenty of water, which is a good thing. Though the urgency isn’t! :slight_smile:

this weather doesn’t feel natural. weird symptoms of ms exacerbated by weird symptoms of weather. i’m used to the strangeness of ms but in this stuffy oppressive heat it is just plain wrong. global warming is really happening right now.