Struggling with the heat

Have loved this summer weather we have had recently but my god the humidity has made me feel rubbish. Especially on the tube it’s been hideous. I have been lucky so far with my MS & only had mild symptoms but have noticed other symptoms since the hot weather in particular uncomfortable bowels. Its a bit embarrassing but have had about 4 episodes where I’ve had an upset tummy with cramps & soon rushing to the toilet. I’m guessing this will probably be a regular thing for me most summers if we have the hot weather. I’ve ended up using Imodium to stop this which I don’t like using but have had no choice. Just wondered if anyone else has suffered with this or if its just me :confused:

Hello, The humidity has really got to me too. Not so much with bowels but cognitive function, being completely overwhelmed by every little thing, I feel pathetic! I like the sunshine but a cooler temperature would be lovely, according to the weather forecast, it’s supposed to be a little cooler over the weekend. Yay! Sam x