Lots of Infections.

Hi to all; Since i last posted i have had lots of bladder infections and also a boil on my left leg so lots of antibiotics in the last few weeks my body has been in infection mode which has wacked me out goodstyle N now i have my grandaughter to look after tommorow so a other long day again I dont get why i get so many infections its right annoying. Dolphin500

hi dolphin

have you got a bladder nurse?

if not get a referral or you can self refer.

are you retaining urine?

if so you may respond to self catheterising.

it has taken me almost a year to stop all the infections.

i now always have a pack of trimethoprim for when an infection starts.

good luck, it will clear eventually

carole x

Hi Pigpen, Thanxs i feel better than i did but still getting up at night, to urinate and going loadz i do catheterize daily and at night too hate having infections and had a boil on top of leg too. I am making another urology appointment today. Dolphin500

I was also wiped out by water infection - I did not realise they could be so bad. I fell to kitchen floor in slow motion, not hurting myself and then could not move. I could not crawl or pull myself up on to chair. I managed to ring my son who came and rescued me ( about 10 miles away) but just thought it was fatigue. My only symptom was darker brown urine so was quite surprised. I had trimethoprim for 3 days and infection went. But felt wiped out for ages.

so I can empathise with you and hope you get back to ‘normal’ soon. Enjoy your day with your granddaughter - they are lovely.

take care - love Jackie xx

Hi guys I’m reassured to know I’m not only one with same problem. I was retaining to much now self cathertise take trimethoprine on daily basis, am ammune to two antibiotics and can’t go 7 days without an infection. its good news to hear pig pen finally got it under control. Speaking to other sufferers in my local ms centre they have suggested to use two supplements 1st d mannose not cheap but was highly recommended 2nd aloe Vera can berry gel I’m on day 3 of trying both their supposed to maintain healthy bladder so hasn’t kicked in for me yet hope it does and hope it can be of some help to you guys xx