So fed up with my bladder problems

Hi folks, not been on here for ages, but am at my wits end with my bladder. Need some advice or just a glimmer of hope. I self catheterise, with hubbies help, as am in a wheelchair these days. We went 9 months without a bladder infection, but now its been six months of the damn things. Near enough every other week. Trimethropin doesnt work any more, and the new anti biotic…Nitro something makes me feel sick as a dog. Is there any hope out there After months of incontinance due to overactive bladder, they have at last found a drug to calm it down, Toviaz, but as soon as I get another infection, incontinance returns. Is the answer long term antibiotics ? and how does it work ?

Sorry to bother with my despair, but need a light at the end of this very dark tunnel.


Oh love, please dont apologise for posting something like this…as so many of us have the same trouble.

I am at a crossroads with bladder problems. i`ve had 3 infections this year, already! Anti-biotics cleared it up, but it was back within a few days.

It caused a really strong smell and severe urgency. I was wetting my bed and carpet and everywhere stank! I was needing to go in the early hours…sometimes more than once.

I wonder if botox would help. I`ve read about this. It paralyses the bladder and then self catheterisation is needed. A permanant catheter could bring even more utis.

My sis sleeps over once a week and i always control my bladder better when with her.

She said something today, which could have something to do with my wetting accidents.

She wonders if it is phsycological. (spelling?). When my hubby helps me, he can be impatient and also ratty in the night. This is because he has his own health issues.

Yesterday I bought some tena pants, to wear in bed. I put them on (with help) after my last wee of the night. (11pm). And I didnt need to go until 7am!!! Sis slept over.

The plan was that if I did need a wee in the early hours, I would do it in the tena. I do have a waterproof bed square and a washable mattress.

So tonight I will do the same and see how it goes.

About 3 years ago, I had an in-dwelling catheter, for 5 months. It caused me a lot of pain when sitting, some bleeding, and painful by-passing.

I do think about an supra-pubic one, but really would rather not have one.

luv Pollx

you can get a low dose of trimethoprim as a sort of maintenance measure.

it really is rubbish isnt it?

carole x