Bladder issues

Usually when it comes to my bladder I’m good at figuring things out but my latest issue has me stumped and at the end of my tether…

My continence nurse told me there’s some things that get added to drinks that I shouldn’t take (sacchrin, aspertame etc). So I’ve stopped drinking anything that has them in. Since then my bladder has been going haywire. I’m going to the loo about 10 times a day. I’m supposed to self cathaterise but even then I’m back in the loo 10 mins later. I’m getting up twice a night sometimes and I really need my sleep.

I don’t take tea or coffee anyway so all I’m drinking is diluting drinks but I don’t see how they can make me go to the loo so much. I’m taking 4mg tolterodine (not sure if that’s a normal dose).

The only advice I’ve really been given is pelvic foor exercises. Great advice but I have sensation difficulties waist down so I can’t even feel those muscles to find them took me long enough to learn to move my pelvis properly (they apparently engage different muscles so not much use there)…

Anyone any clues? I doubt its an infection as my nurse checked my urine the other week and there were no issues.


I’d still get another sample checked for an infection as I don’t see why cutting out sweeteners would make you need the loo more. If there definitely isn’t an infection then one possible treatment is botox injections to the bladder, which are meant to improve bladder control.



i had a problem like yours i was going to the toilet every 10 mins,

and they found it was a bladder infection that caused it

take care hope you get it sorted out

Fiona x

I’ll give it a couple of days and get it checked if I don’t improve. I’ll give my nurse a call though, my GP usually tells me to go see her anyway. GPs seem quite happy to wash their hands of patients if they have someone more specialised to deal with them.

I’m a lot worse with infections as they usually cause persistent urgency with an inability to go or hold it in depending on how my bladder feels.

I’m sorta wanting botox but I’m probably not viable at this time.

Hi, Im just waiting for a telephone appointment with my GP, as i think I have another uti.thatll be 3 this year.

usually it makes itself known as there is an strong smell from my urine…and that`s all.

But this time, I find i am going more often, with a great urgency too.

GP has given anti-biotics and the infection has cleared up quickly…i do always complete the course of meds.

I take 20mg oxybutynin which normally does give me some control to hang on till I get on the commode.

Think you need to speak to your incontinence nurse again.

luv Pollx


Sounds like a UTI. Get a urine sample to your surgery ASAP. A dose of antbiotics will clear it up but do not delay.

Its quite important to know when you have a UTI. Google UTI and symptoms. I completely missed the symptoms of last one and ended up with sepsis and a temperature of 39.8.

Take care




It sounds like a missed UTI I have to self cath too and I can usually tell when ones brewing as my control which is never good just completley goes a good hefty dose of antibiotics usually gets me back on track though

Ellie x