D-mannose and UTIs

Good morning.

Has anybody used or know anything about this herb ( D-mannose ) for UTIs.

I seemed to be plauged with them at the moment and antibiotics seem to becoming less effective.

Also take crannberry.



yes i have some D-Mannose

i dont like cranberry juice, not very palatable

i am on a maintenance dose of trimethoprim now and seem to be free of UTIs

hope you find something that helps cos UTIs are the very worse

carole x

Hi Ronin I have been on almost continual antibiotics for the last year . I have been at my wits end, now have suprapubic catheter. There are quite a few folk on here who swear by D-Mannose. I have just ordered some so I’m hoping it works for me! I really think it’s worth giving it a try. Good Luck Linda x

Hi, I take cranberry capsules, that way you don’t taste it! Sara x


Cranberry pills are definitely better than the drink - cheaper, more concentrated, and mean you don’t need to worry about ther taste or high sugar/sweetener levels of the drink.

I read something about D-mannose the other day that said it was only effective against the E-coli bacteria, but that’s what most UTIs are anyway. I also saw something which said the powder form was a bit better than the pills, as pills will have extra stuff added to them. Shame it’s pretty expensive, but I think it’ll be worth it if it does the job.



Thanks for the replies.

Anybody know how long it’s taken for before it’s affective and do you take it on a regular basis ?



hi ronin

you take them on a regular basis. mine say take 3 capsules 1 to 2 times daily

carole x