Hi there,

My hubby was recommended this tablet called D-Mannose which is meant to be a natural sugar to stop UTI’s

Has anyone here used it with success… My hubby has a suprapubic catheter and non stop uti’s the same as he had with ISC.

He just can’t win lately.


Mmm, I`ll give it a google, as not heard of it.

I`ve had 3 utis this year and anti-bs.

luv Pollx

Me again. Just googled it. Sounds good, but I am wary of buying supplements, as other things have not worked for me and I`ve been out of pocket for nowt.

In fact some have gone against me and caused me problems.

Anyway, hope it does the job for your chap.

luv Pollx

i have some that i got from essential health clinic

quite good but i forget to take them

carole x

They are really good. If I feel a UTI coming on I take the tablets for 1/2 days and it seems to stop the infection from taking hold. I dont take them all the time because they are expensive. I would not be without them in the house and I have some in my handbag just in case I feel a UTi starting. I had 6 UTIs in 5 months 3 years ago and have not had any since the d-mannose. This is the one supplement which I really think does what it says on the tin!



l have seen them recommended by people on the SPC website - so must be good.


I have only tried the powder version with one of my dogs and a puppy. I searched for something natural I could give them and found the D-mannose site, read the info and thought it was worth a go, and how the product actually works. It’s completely natural and the UTI’s in both dog and puppy cleared up within a few days. The older dogs UTI was quite severe - the vet was baffled how it had cleared up with no trace of blood when they saw her a week later! I swear by it, so go for it. I have a pot spare in case it’s needed by human or animal, and it stops the need for antibiotics as well if you catch it and start taking D-mannose straight away :slight_smile: