D-Mannose for preventing uti's

l found out about D-Mannose recently on a ‘catheter website’. l decided to get some from Amazon. They are reported to be very effective - often better then anti-biotics. Yesterday my friend came to see me and she was saying that she had another uti- something she often gets and has trouble getting them cleared up. Many of the anti biotics she can’t take because she is allergic to some of the contents. So l told her about D-Mannose - and gave her a weeks worth to try. She has just rung me up to say she feels so much better after taking 3 yesterday and so far 2 to-day. Now she has ordered some for herself. l am thrilled that l have helped her. She said her ‘water’ was almost clear now.

Then afternoon l visited a dear friend who back in January she had an op on her ankle to remove a lot of metal work that she had in for some years that was moving and preventing her from putting any weight on her foot. The operation site became infected - badly - and has not healed - causing lots of worry for her. After the nurses had tried different dressings that did not help heal it the doctor has now prescribed a special dressing - seaweed based and it is begining to work. When l told her that l take Spirulina - she said ‘but thats what is in this dressing’. lts a green algae superfood full of natural goodness. l know that Sea Kelp is a natural form of iodine but l was pleasantly surprised to hear that Spirulina is also very useful.


Hi, just a quick question, where do you get D-Mannose from?, what ‘make’ and they need to be tablets. Hope you can help.


Sounds interesting…plenty of places sell them over the internet…any recommendations for sourcing pls?

Well - l got mine from amazon - l use them a lot - very quick delivery and usually free. The ones l bought were NOW 120capsules 500mg - just under £20 - make sure you click onto free super save delivery - 3-5days. Unless you want them by nextday delivery then you have to pay the postage.

Hi Frances Are these for cure or could they be taken for prevention as well ? Xx

From what l have read from the reviews it is for both. 1x3times a day if you have a uti -or think you have. But l think you can take just 1 a day for maintainance. l had my catheter change to-day. So l took 3 yesterday - and will take 3 everyday now for the next week as l am having my hiphop next thursday and do not want to chance a uti as they would cancel the op. With my Supra-pubic catheter l very rarely get a uti. Before l was plagued with them because my bladder never emptied properly.

You have reminded me its time to take the next one.


Thank you. I think I’ll order some. Prevention being better than cure and all. Xx

They are brilliant. I had 6 UTIs in 6 months. I have not had one now in 2 years since I started to use them. I take 1/2 if I feel a UTI starting and it seems to stop it in its tracks!


I am definitely going to order some after suffering one UTI after another! Good luck with the op next Thursday Frances! Linda x