Hi all

I have all sorts of bladder problems and one of them is frequent water infections. However, sometimes I find that when the nurse/doctor tests my urine sample, nothing shows! I know I have an infection as I have all the classic signs. In fact, I feel rubbish. Luckily they take my word for it and give me antibiotics.

Does anyone else find this happening?

Teresa xx

Hi Jools

I have had a cystoscopy twice and several scans but not been checked for specific bugs? What does this involve, is it an invasive procedure?

Teresa xx

Yes I have had the same issues, serial bouts of UTIs but a good proportion of them testing negative for nitrite. Last one the locum doc started asking me about stress at work! Another doc said some of these could be down to something irritating the bladder. Had so many courses of antibiotics in last few years just because of UTIs

Thanks for that Bob, glad I’m not the only one! Not wishing it on anyone else, of course, though.

Teresa xx

Hi Teresa


My Neuro reckons that all of my 'MS flare ups' that have occured between last year and this (must be around 10) could all be down to Urine infections even though my sample nearly always comes back clear, any way I am now self catheterising twice a day and still having MS flare ups.




It just seems to me that the nurse/doctor thinks these infections are non-existent, but I have the symptoms, I know what they are! My sister had a spell in hospital with a kidney infection and her urine sample was clear even though she had blood in her urine. So sometimes it just doesn’t show.

Wishing they would go!

Teresa xx

Hi All

I had UTI for years , what caused mine was my bladder was not empting fully

and  as a result i was having UTI for weeks on end.

I had  3 T.U.R.P.S. procedures and it still persisted,

To cut a long story short I now have a Supra-Pubic- Catheter and as a result

i very rarley have UTI.

I am not saying it works for everbody but it did for me


Kind Regards John

I have had successive UTIs ever since starting Tysabri - my nurse said it is a common thing with MS but particuarly with Tysabri,   I also had a clear path result yet antibiotics seemed to clear it up and stop me feeling so awful.  I am having bladder ultrasound scan to check everything is working OK and I am taking cranebrry capsules and cranberry juice - desperate to avoid any more!