Bladder spasms?

Hi I’ve had an ongoing bladder problem for the last few months.
I can feel like I have to go to have a pee immediately. After I’ve finished I can have to return to the loo several times in quick succession with a painful feeling really low down and a feeling I need to pee again. Most times a small amount will come out and after maybe 30 mins or so this horrid feeling just fades away. Does this sound familiar to any of you? Does it sound like bladder spasms? I’ve contacted the ms nurse so waiting for a reply. It’s an awful feeling and gets me down

I used to get urgency + frequency pee warnings - I got myself wound up by it and it made it worse! Eventually I did intermittent catheterisation. Sounds scary but it wasn’t after the first time but didn’t have to worry about peeing myself. It might be something like a urine infection - if it is antibiotics will ease it within 24hrs and with a 10 day course will clear it. I was also recommended to drink cranberry cordial by your MS Nurse - it reduced irritation. Good luck.

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Thank you. It always feels like it might be the start of a UTI but never develops into one. Probably a good shout to have some cranberry at the ready just in case

My mother survived bladder cancer, but a few years later she developed exactly what you described. I convinced her to drink a glass of cranberry juice every day, and she’s been fine ever since.

I know it’s not common in Europe, but if you can’t find the juice at a reasonable price, they also make chewable tablets and pills.

I have never had a full-blown UTI, because at the first sign of it I drink all the cranberry juice I can hold.

my urologist told me not to drink cranberry juice as its loaded with sugar and does nothing anyway. He advised me to take a high strength cranberry tablet everyday which i have done for 5 years. I went from 12 uti in a year to about 4. He said if you must drink it make sure it is pure cranberry juice not the traditional one most people drink. The pure or extract i tried but it has a weird taste so i opted for the tablets.

also he said cut out coffee and drink lots of plain water which flushes out the bacteria, and also i know i wear only cotton gussets near my personal areas as nylon or any other type of material makes me worse.