Feeling like a UTI....but not

Is this a MS symptom? Most days it feels like I am on the verge of getting a UTI…especially if I don’t drink enough…it’s really stingy…I drink loads of coffee and tea so my output is good…I am terrible for drinking water…which is bad I know! I’ve been to the GP several times and she keeps testing my urine but finds nothing… Was just curious…thx…

MS can cause a variety of urinary symptoms; incontinance, urgency, retention, nocturia (not sure about stinging). I know its probably not what you want to hear but drinking the caffinated drinks probably isn’t helping you. I’ve had various mild urinary problems and I’ve cut back to one tea (and I love my tea) and I try not to drink too much too late. I also take a cranberry supplement (you can get it from any health food store and drink plenty of water with cordial or flavoured water or fruit tea as I’m not much a fan of plain water.

I’m not sure what stage you’re at - diagnosed or undiagnosed but if your GP isn’t able to provide an answer have spoken to your neuro about it?

Hope you feel better soon. It sounds small but can be so niggly and uncomfy when your bladder isn’t a 100% and can affect your confidence going out and about.



I am currently seeing an inco nurse and I talked to her about the feeling I get that is like when you have cystitis and you know you need to wee but dread the first bit coming out as it will sting like mad.

No I havent had any joy will an explaination for it, and there is no sign of infection either. It isnt all the time and there is no pattern to it,and different drinks dont seem to make an ounce of difference.

I was started on solifenacin to see if it would help with the urgency and 4weeks on it helps at night but in the day its now really painful as though I am bursting to go when I really dont need to at all.

I think at times its just unexplainable and the messages are just so messed up there isnt alot we can do to help.

I do really hope you find an answer,or at least a management strategy that works for you…if you do will you pass it on please.


Afternoon folks

Just thought I would let you know Reemz I tried your suggestion of cutting out the caffeine and it has worked a treat. I still am drinking my coffee & tea but am now drinking decaf. I had a horrendous headache for several days but I know that must have been withdrawals.

Still find I am getting up every night for a wee. But that could be for all sorts of reasons. Age? Peri menopause?

Thanks again for the suggestion


I’m so pleased MeShell - it makes a world of difference knowing you’re not having to rush every five mins to the loo or feeling uncomfy when you do. Fantastic.

As for the night - I guess it depends on how often you’re having to go. When my bladders up the ‘spout’ :slight_smile: I can go up to 5-6 times a night and thats with limited intake before bed. Its well known that MS’rs can get nocturia (tendancy to pee more at night).

See how you go - if it’s very bothersome and disturbing your sleep sppeak to your GP or neuro and see whether its worth referring you to urology. You can even say I’ve been trying x/y/z to help which has improved my symptoms in the day but I still have problems in the evening.

The other thing is if you have tendancy not to empty your bladder fully then you’re more likely to pee at night. Trty and make sure your bladders completely empty before bed. You can encourage your bladder to empty fully by pressing gently over the area or by warm water so like sitting in a bath if you can tolerate for a while.

Good luck. Glad to hear some of your symptoms are a bit better :slight_smile: