Bladder, is this normal?

After having a few accidents I gave switched to decaff, also alternate tea or coffee with herbal tea or water. Do not think I drink too much, about 6-8 mugs a day. Have tried not drinking after 6pm, but still find I wake to go to the loo in the night, usually just once. When I was not on decaff found I could got to the loo. 15-20 times a day, after drinking 6-8 mugs a day, also when I need to go I needed it then, could not wait. I am a size 10 female who at 41years old has had 2 c sections, due to medical problems, at my 2nd c section they did say my bladder was stuck to my womb! Have been told by nurse that I have a very strong pelvic floor, so this in not the problem. I have always been constipated, does not matter what I eat or drink, could this be MS? Anyway, my question is what is normal? And is needing to loo more often, also feel like my bladder does not always fully empty, an MS symptons? Can anything be done? My boys always joke with me, cause on leaving the house I always ask them if they need to go? Usually they say no, but I bet you need to!

Hi Applepad

I think I need to change to decaff as I go to the toilet many times a day too. One of the reasons I dont leave the house very much is the desperate need to go! I usually get up four or five times in the night to go too. That and the constant sweats I have!

I have had four children, and never needed to go to toilet in the night till recently (maybe the past two years), and I never needed to go much during the day either. Im not diagnosed so it may be just that I need to go more the older I get (Im 48). I get constipated too but my GP thinks its just because of the tablets Im on now.

It will be interesting to see what others think normal is.

Paula xx

Reminds me of me before I was diagnosed with ms. 15 times to loo every day Ask to be referred to a continence nurse. Or you may be able to self refer - phone your local hospital and ask to be put through to womens health to find out I now have to self catheterise - scary but actually really easy. It will stop you endlessly having to go to the loo as you can fully empty bladder. It’s given me my life back Also tablet called desmopressin stops me getting up at night. Hope this helps . It can get better Hugs Min xx

Hi Apple,

I go a lot. It’s got a lot better since I started doing Kegel excecises. I do them when I go to the toilet. I think it’s most definitely an MS symptom. I don’t drink decaf, I drink Chamomile with some honey. I don’t drink anything after 9 o’clock. I take a swig of organic, cider vinegar before I go to bed and I sleep like a log. I go about once during the night now, which I think is quite normal. If I dink tea, I don’t sleep very well at all and I go a lot more.

My Doctor is going to check my prostate but I don’t think it’s that.

Hope this helps,

Adrian x

Hi, I take 20mg oxybutynin a day. These tablets help calm my bladder down. I go about 8-10 times in 24 hours. It is now less often that I need to get up in the night. I still get times when I don`t quite make it to the loo, but I use NHS pads, so if I do wet, it is usually all contained in the pad.

Yes, problems with bladder and bowel can be very much MS related. I think a chat with the continence nurse would help.

luv Pollx

Thanks for all that. I am going to see the Gp next Monday to see how I am getting on with Amtriptyline. Did ask about bladder problems before, but she said she wanted to look into other problems first, numbness,pins and needles,dropping stuff etc. But seen as I have had nerve conduction study and an MRI,no contrast, which both came out normal. Think it’s time to sort out the symptons even if they- rheumatologist,neurologist and Opthamologist can not give me a diagnoise.

Heya…glad you are off to see the gp on this re bladder etc…bear in mind that even a low dose of maytriptaline can cause or contribute to retention of urine or not being able to empty completely…could ask your gp about this and possibly try another pain killer until the. ladder aspect has been explored fully. em x

Apple lad - yes ok you have other problems to be sorted out. But why on earth can’t you have your bladder problems sorted out as well at the same time by a continence nurse. After all they are the experts not your gp. At o ne time I was seeing 7 consultants in different specialities . Different things can be addressed at the same time. And do ask whether desmopressin would be suitable to help you stop getting up. You need your sleep. Sorry to sound like a nag Hugs Min xx

Hi ive been having bladder problems for 9 years now .Ive had a byopsy ,been to see nurses etc Ive had lots of tests done at the hospital as well .

I have been put on detrusitol and it is helping .I am only waking once in the night now instead of 4 times .

And in the day i can have a cup of tea without having to rush and barely make it to the loo.

Sam xx

Please please ask for desmopressin if you’re getting up at night - NICE the o mighty recommend it so GP should prescribe Hugs Min xx